Calling all Healthcare Professionals

Find your tribe of innovators to make your unique dreams come true.


You want to be here at the Medipreneurs Summit, face-to-face, to watch ideas blossom, find solutions to barriers you face, receive inspiration to keep innovating, find the tribe that will help you thrive and succeed.

Learn Why This Summit Is Right for You!


    Be surrounded by follow healthcare experts who know that healthcare is in transition and that innovators like you are the key to building a much better system.  Whether you care directly for patients or use your unique skills in other ways, you'll find the support you need right here.


    Keynote and breakout sessions are available for the first-time innovator and for the serial successful entrepreneur.  It is this mix of professions and expereince levels that make this Summit unlike any other you'll experience!


    Acclaimed speakers from within and outside of healthcare challenge you to grow in all aspects of your business, your practice, and your life.  The variety of breakout session options allows you to hone your experience to your own growth needs.  Strategically enhance your work life balance.


    Explore the marketing strategy you need to start a business that makes money and raises the bar on patient care.  Learn specific, tangible marketing skills - AND - find marketing resources.


Every aspect of Medipreneurs is about supporting healthcare entrepreneurs.


Every person who attends or sponsors or speaks at Medipreneurs is in it for you and your success.


Will you encounter barriers?  Of course!  Are there people within Medipreneurs that can help you overcome those barriers?  Of course!

Here's What You'll Get!

From Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, you will be immersed in hands-on workshops and non-stop networking to allow you to fully engage in your business and exactly what you need to do next to keep moving forward.  No distractions, no nay-sayers, just inspiration and skill building!

Gathering Reception

Gather at The Graduate Hotel (even if you're not staying there) to start meeting everyone and find dinner partners.

Keynote Speaker

Focused Breakouts

For the rest of Saturday morning you can choose between three breakout sessions.  One for new/early entrepreneurs, one for intrapreneurs, and one for more advanced entrepreneurs.

Saturday afternoon breakouts

After lunch, gather for special presentations then select 2 more breakout sessions that align with your current entrepreneurial journey.

Sunday morning breakouts

After breakfast, choose another breakout session to continue your learning and networking.

Choose Your Own Adventure & Wrap Up

About Medipreneurs

Why Healthcare Professionals

love this Summit!

Is this Summit Right for You?

Medipreneurs are healthcare innovators who KNOW there are better, newer, more creative and effective ways to enhance healthcare.  Is that you?  Where do you fall on this bell curve?  If you're on the left side, or you want to be on the left side, then YES, this Summit is for you!


  • Innovative healthcare professionals.

  • New or serial entrepreneurs.

  • Intrapreneurs creating positive change in the workplace.


  • Those satisfied with the status quo.

  • Those afraid of change.

  • Those who believe it can't be done.

30 Days Before

Event Money Back Guarantee

If your situation changes and you can no longer attend, you can gift your ticket to a colleague, or we will refund your money at your request up to 30 days before the Summit.

The Medipreneurs Summit is life and business-altering all by itself.  But since you're making the trip, take FULL advantage of even more opportunities!

Start Today! Choose Your Experience Below.

Which option is right for you?  You're coming all the way to Cincinnati for a life-changing weekend.  How will you make the most of it?

  • 2 receptions

  • 4 workshops + recordings of others

  • A tribe of similar-minded professionals

  • Full Medipreneurs Summit

  • Lots of extra resources

Frequently Asked Questions

We are ALWAYS glad to talk with you about Medipreneurs, so please don't hesitate to reach out.  Until we talk, these might answer some of your questions.

Is Medipreneurs just for pharmacists?

How is the membership different from the Summit?

Can I attend the Medipreneurs Summit virtually?

Can I attend Medipreneurs if I don't have a unique practice idea?

Do I have to stay at the Graduate Hotel to attend the receptions?

How can I share my ideas with Medipreneurs - about the membership, the Summit, the future of healthcare?